3 Reasons to Stop by the NLC University Desk in Austin

NLC University is all about helping municipal leaders build the skills they need to better govern, serve, and advocate for their communities. You’re coming to Austin to become a better leader, so you’ll want to be sure to swing by the NLC University desk while you’re there. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t miss it!

  1. Be one of the first to try out a brand new online course! Come over to the computer station set up near the NLC
    University information desk to check out the first online learning course in NLCU’s history. This is your chance to ask the questions and get the help you need to register and even begin the course with assistance. Understanding Foreclosure: A City Leader’s Guide is an accessible, self-paced, and convenient way to get a solid grasp on this complex issue.
  2. You could win a great prize: Last year, city leaders met in Silicon Valley for the NLC University Leadership Summit, an intensive, intimate leadership retreat with exclusive side trips and fascinating keynotes. This year, you could win a FREE registration to NLC’s most in-depth training program, just by signing up for the new online course!
  3. Chat with NLC staff to customize your experience: NLC University is a fantastic resource for personal leadership development. When you stop by the NLCU information desk in Austin, you are invited to chat about your own educational and leadership goals and how NLCU can help you. Take a look at upcoming events and courses that will help you grow into the leader you want to be!



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