Ott on Austin

Sitting outside a bustling taco stand in downtown Austin on a crisp, sunny November morning, you won’t be wondering why it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. You’ll see successful small business owners setting up their shops, musicians come out to the sidewalks to give pedestrians and bike-riders a free concert, and joggers on their way to start the morning at one of Austin’s sparkling lakes. It won’t take much imagination to see why Austin is such a popular hub for boomers and Millennials, techies and artists, entrepreneurs and students.

Photo by flickr user atmtx
Photo by flickr user atmtx

You may, however, be wondering what challenges Austin does face, and how it manages to stay so likable even during natural disasters, rapid growth, and unanticipated costs. The answer, according to City Manager Marc Ott, is the same thing that makes Austin great to begin with: ” We push the envelope. We innovate.”

Watch Marc Ott talk about Austin’s challenges and growth over the past year:


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